The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world as we know it.

As we quickly move towards the end of Q1, most of us realise we are all living in a critical moment in human history, but few may be aware of how the changes brought about by Covid-19 are impacting consumer-brand relationships. According to the World Economic Forum (Davos Manifesto 2020), last year accelerated the societal shift in consumer trust with consumer sentiment towards global institutions and brands falling to an all-time low. (Edelman Trust Barometer).

The data assembled by the World Economic Forum and most major advisory firms worldwide suggests that 2021 is the year where brands need to be trusted through transparency, in order for customers to want to do business with us. What does this change mean for your business now, the rest of 2021 and the years that lay ahead? You can find out more about this critical global shift, how your organisation can use data to create transparency within your customer relationships and what makes Ikara the contemporary response for your organisation here.

To stay ahead of the curve on macro global issues, the shaping and changing world of Customer Experience and Service Assurance, I recommend you read our newsletter. Industry Updates Top Tech Trends that will Define 2021 The unprecedented economic and socioeconomic challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have made one thing clear, IT is the lifeline for businesses. Organisations that do not focus on efficiency, efficacy and business agility will be left behind.

IT industry analysts Gartner have again in 2021 released their Top Tech Trends that will Define 2021. Gartner posits that businesses must be capable of breaking down supply chain and internal silos, in order to be adaptive to rapidly changing environmental issues and to be able to protect the processes which support the customer journey. Organisations that have opaque linkages between internal and external service delivery will be less competitive and more inclined to have issues crafting trusted relationships with their customers.

Find out how these six trends can help create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business here. New Rules for Telecommunication Companies Reflecting the global shift towards Transparent Customer Experience, as a result of research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), Telcos offering fixed broadband services will soon be required to publish their customer service commitments and details of their associated performance under new industry rules being proposed by ACMA. The report outlines that for most customers, getting faults fixed and receiving consistent service quality are some of the most important factors beyond price for the service. Previously, Telcos were not obligated to publish their customer service commitments and SLAs. Under ACMA’s proposed law reforms, this has changed. Learn about the new rules that require telecommunications companies to publish information about their performance and commitments to customer service here.


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