Proactive Monitoring – Efficiency empowered by clear communication

Mitigate customer dissatisfaction before it happens by creating proactive service communications.

Proactive communications is a customer relationship lifecycle strategy used by Ikara clients to increase their customer loyalty. Ikara helps our clients create proactive service communications to their users/customers so they can reduce customer frustration and mitigate customer service issues before they occur.

Ikara helps our clients to perfect their managed services and make their relationships with their customers more satisfying. Which in turn creates increased revenues for our clients, because they demonstrate in operations, a level of service accuracy and professionalism that their competitors struggle to emulate.

Ikara’s observability allows our customer to quickly know what is happening inside a system or a process based on the performance and compliance data exposed by that system and the systems around it.

Use Case: Proactive Communication Strategy

A customer is operating in an underground mining environment at depths of up to 4000 metres. The customers’ business goal is to operate without downtime of core mineral production systems. Deploying one of the world’s largest LTE networks underground has allowed our customers to utilise IoT (unmanned) mining vehicles into a hostile environment which frequently exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

For the autonomous vehicles to perform at optimal production levels, they must continually harmonise performance with multiple service elements. The LTE network, host platforms and application platforms are all dependent on each other and must work perfectly or the operational output stops, and humans must enter the hostile environment to diagnose and restart the downed vehicles.

Proactive monitoring here is deployed around the business objective of ensuring that the vehicle and all associated service elements are working harmoniously. Proactive monitoring supports the process that the business cares about. When an IoT service element starts to threaten the safe and productive operational outputs of the mine, events trigger autonomous remediation action by the customer and supporting suppliers.

This mode of operations is a step change in thinking and capability from where most customer organisations are today.

In many cases, when organisational systems break, Service Support is still typically reliant on humans notifying help desks of a problem. In many cases the Support Systems are being monitored for availability of a service element (aka: network available) rather than a successful completed business process.

Benefits of proactive clear communication.

  • Ikara uses realtime transactions in the application to report on customer experience being delivered. This is more than an element level of reporting. It is the combine efficiency of the entire service environment from a users perspective. IE things that the business cares about.

  • Ikara is able to establish service and compliance obligations of suppliers. (right down to an individual clause level) Ikara is a first look platform that considers the service experience needed, and correlates data to report on the performance of service providers involved in quality service delivery.

  • Ikara can automate establishing service boundaries in your environment. This means that you can very quickly establish root cause through Ikara Ai and ML functionality.

  • Remove the standard blame shifting and processes (known as Mean time to Innocence) and replace it with the ability to accurately and immediately notify the right partners of breaches of quality and or compliance.

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