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Ikara is the unmatched business
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Ikara monitors all multi-vendor operating environments, delivering a single view of total systems performance in real time.

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Why monitoring and improving digital systems is crucial.

Company and technical executives are under growing pressure to fully understand the digital supply chain and understand digital compliance through service assurance.

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Alleviate the challenges of productivity and performance.

Ikara enables a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges faced by employees and customers.

Successfully deliver digital transformation projects.

Ikara can help deliver new IT or software systems successfully by providing visibility tools and planning support.

Proactively monitor and respond to real-time information.

Ikara enables a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges faced by employees and customers.

Map KPI and SLA data against rolling contracts in real-time.

Ikara provides real-time data into the contracted governance obligations of third parties.

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Organisations around Australia are trusting Ikara to help them create the best user experiences through quality service assurance.

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Ikara Partner - DXC Technology

Reduce risk and understand the importance of compliance standards!

Ikara’s Service Assurance platform reduces risk and ensures compliance with industry standards. The platform accelerates implementation and delivers quick time to value so you can optimise resources.

Carmelo A.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
Echelon Ikara has provided us with an overall picture of our business systems performance and baselines, enabling us to measure with real accuracy and detail and also pinpointed several areas of third party software issues posing performance problems. It has also assisted our relationships with our vendors by having a common goal that all parties agree on. The support with the team has been brilliant, very responsive and attentive. ☺Customisable dashboard and interface. Clearly outlines the business objectives that have been set with all stakeholders in real-time and past tense. Various modes of displaying the information needed to visualise. Proved its value many times over, identifying numerous faults in code, pages and site issues since its implementation. ☹Intuitiveness of the interface and the meanings of such metrics and measures without the training could be improved on.

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We rebranded!

We rebranded!

We are excited to announce the launch of our rebrand. Ikara’s new logo and visual identity are inspired by our core values and the spirit of being a pioneer in the service assurance industry. Our new brand is the articulation of our ever-evolving mission to align...

Metrics that deliver customer value and save your job

Metrics that deliver customer value and save your job

In July 2019, research and consultancy firm Gartner published a list of “8 reasons why more CEOs will be fired over cybersecurity breaches — and how to prevent it”. It’s a funny headline, but a serious issue.In the article Keep Your Job After a Cyberattack by Gartner...

Ikara CX Situation Report

Ikara CX Situation Report

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world as we know it. As we quickly move towards the end of Q1, most of us realise we are all living in a critical moment in human history, but few may be aware of how the changes brought about by Covid-19 are impacting...