Enterprise Service Assurance

Experience the benefits of good data governance with our enterprise compliance tool.

Ikara’s Service Assurance platform equips large organisations with powerful governance and performance tools to predict, detect, and resolve service problems in real-time, and provide the real source and records of truth within your data.

Uncover the truth and gain unprecedented insights into your users.

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Ikara supports organisations around Australia to achieve excellence in governance and performance standards, and service delivery. The unmatched enterprise compliance tool.

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Supporting your unique responsibilities and business objectives.

Ikara unifies vendor environments, delivering a single view of your total IT ecosystem performance in real time, by bringing together and translating hundreds of complex data measurements into easy and understandable dashboard specific to your responsibility.

the Ikara

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Measure performance

and remove digital friction
with third party providers.

Drive improvement

and service levels across
your digital ecology.

Communicate root-cause

and identify accountability
to protect customer experience.

Correlate alerts to standards

and policies to drive compliance
of suppliers to resolve issues swiftly.

Provide transparency

into operational and
system applications.

Rank supplier compliance

and adherence to standards
to empower composability.

Explore what Ikara can do for you.

See how we can help you understand and quickly resolve service and experience-impacting problems. Simplify the complexity of managing communication and infrastructure environments in our enterprise compliance tool

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