Procurement Officer

Manage KPI and SLA data against contracts in real-time.

Ikara provides real-time data into the contracted governance obligations of third parties.

Service Assurance for Procurement Officers

Procurement Officers are responsible for managing vendor contracts, but they often do not have a detailed understanding of the difference between availability and performance.

How Ikara fits in.

Ikara’s platform provides procurement with an innovative tool that uses the cloud’s service contracts and standards to assess how services perform, allowing procurement leaders to protect their purchasing decisions early in a business process rather than at the end, when mistakes are expensive and time-consuming to correct.

Improve business agility

As business moves more services to the cloud, an organization’s direct control of a third party decreases, while its dependence on the third party increases. Ikara provides cloud service assurance optics, linked directly to agreed-upon quality metrics, which support business agility and cost management.

Both the client and the service provider partner can use the service assurance optics from Ikara to form the basis for cost control systems, transparent communications and continuous improvement via performance insights that both parties can see in real time.

Reduce operational costs

Ikara leads the market in delivering IT operational cost savings to business clients through rigorous management of outsourced IT service providers. Ikara reduces IT operations and service governance costs by upwards of 30%

Our Service Assurance standards facilitate the responsiveness and practicality we deliver by helping organisations to break out comprehensive and definitive application-specific technical criteria during supplier contract negotiation. This approach sets clear responsibilities for all parties involved, as well as clear allocation of risk to appropriate stakeholders.

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