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Partnerships are the cornerstone of Ikara’s business.

We work with network service providers, systems integrators, and software as a service (SAAS) providers to provide them with a better understanding of how their services interact with their client’s ecosystems for performance and security standards.

Technology partnerships help drive efficiencies and enable collaboration

Ikara offers intelligent insight that helps you respond to your customers’ changing needs, collaborate more effectively, and extend your offering for the future growth of your customers.

Full-stack observability

Ikara analyses a variety of data types to create a comprehensive picture of the performance and security of applications and how well they contribute to business objectives.

Enterprise Performance

Ikara delivers enterprise level performance by providing the tools needed to gather and interpret data across an entire organisation in order to improve business outcomes.

Go beyond expectations and start delivering unmatched performance.

the Ikara

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Measure performance

and remove digital friction
with third party providers.

Drive improvement

and service levels across
your digital ecology.

Communicate root-cause

and identify accountability
to protect customer experience.

Correlate alerts to standards

and policies to drive compliance
of suppliers to resolve issues swiftly.

Provide transparency

into operational and
system applications.

Rank supplier compliance

and adherence to standards
to empower composability.

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