Chief Operations Officer

Alleviate the challenges of productivity and performance.

Take a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges

Service Assurance for COO’s

The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the productivity and performance of business processes, and must have an overall understanding of how the business is performing in relation to its key objectives.

How Ikara fits in.

For many executives responsible for digital transformation, harmonizing 3rd party supply chains and managing risk requires technical as well as financial literacy. Ikara helps to benchmark service standards to quantifiable productivity and risk metrics.

Enforce governance to industry standards

Executives responsible for digital transformation must possess digital literacy as much as financial fluency; however, for many executives the daunting task of being in the right amount of commercial and technical detail has become an often time consuming and shifting target that is hard to manage.

This is where Ikara helps. Ikara benchmarks service standards to quantifiable productivity and risk metrics for executives who need to fix project outcomes, ensure performance, and enforce governance to industry standards.

Visualise your digital promise

Ikara’s pre-defined performance templates monitor digital processes to service enterprise standards by ensuring that technical, commercial and risk oversight is established for digital transformation projects.

With Ikara, executives can see how connected technical projects, suppliers, and enterprise standards impact each other. Executives can balance financial imperatives with project costs while ensuring transparency between suppliers and regulatory obligations.

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