Technical Engineer

Proactively monitor and respond to real-time data.

Ikara enables a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges faced by employees and customers.

Service Assurance for Technical Engineers

The Technical Engineer is responsible for resolving problems that affect the smooth running of applications and networks within an organisation. Service assurance professionals may use multiple tools to address different parts of the delivery system. They must be able to ascertain which component, party, or domain is affecting the performance of a business-critical service catalogue in order to resolve any problems quickly.

How Ikara fits in.

Effective engineers today communicate with technical objectivity and clarity across decentralized teams. Ikara provides access to the precise data that supplies insight into technical root cause correlated to the impact to customers, impacts to the business and implications to governance obligations.

Empower technical decision making

As digital systems are increasingly being engineered to conduct transactions faster, with improved reliability and less impact on the environment, knowledge of how interdependent platforms are performing to service standards is a table stakes capability.

Technical engineers who use Ikara are well informed and can direct technical teams with precision, thus ensuring reduced mean time to recovery (MTTR), lower outages and higher utilisation rates across infrastructure and proactively reduce their organisations’ technical exposure to security policy breaching risk factors.

Reduce MTTR

Ikara offers data analytics based on artificial and machine learning (AI/ML) to clients who want to assess the service quality of their infrastructure. The data comes from a variety of sources, such as network logs and synthetic data generated to model packet traffic and is processed in the cloud.

One of Ikara’s key product offerings is its ability to predict when an outage will occur. Ikara’s data analytics identify operational anomalies, analyze root causes of failures and support corrective actions. The average MTTR is reduced by 80%.

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