Create proactive communications


Ikara helps customers create proactive service communications to reduce user frustration and mitigate customer service issues.

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Real-time Awareness

Real-time data to track user experience and provide reports of service environment efficiency.

Establish Key Obligations

Examine the obligations of service providers and to hold them accountable for their performance.

Automate Resolution

Automate the boundaries of service delivery to quickly establish root cause and resolve efficiently.

Resolve Immediately

Accurately and immediately notify the right partners of breaches of quality and or compliance.

Learn how to reduce customer frustration and mitigate service issues.

Build stronger relationships with your customers and users.

Ikara helps clients create proactive communications with their customers to increase loyalty, reduce frustration and avert customer service incidents.

Ikara enables clients to perfect managed services and enhance relationships. Clients seize on operational efficiencies and show professionalism that enhances their competitive advantage.

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Improve your organisations performance

Observability is the ability to understand a system’s internal state by analysing the data it generates, such as logs, metrics, and traces. In other words, monitoring gives IT teams insight into why there’s a failure by displaying this data in real time.

Measuring the right data is key.

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Proactively engage or mitigate customer support

Ikara’s proactive communications strategies help our clients create customer loyalty.