Benchmarking Service Standards – True understanding of what good looks like

Revolutionise your service delivery strategy and automate your compliance management.

Ikara’s customers have replaced swivel chair of reactive support and governance by using the platform to automatically detect events which are breaches of their organisations compliance and service quality goals, policies and standards.

This allows them to:

  • Automate service delivery and reduce cost
  • Remove noise and streamline communications with partners
  • Increase Service Assurance and Compliance rates
  • Improve total experience and reduce vicarious supplier risks

Ikara has scaled access to an infinite array of third party data sources, which helps our customers and service provider partners use existing source data to detect with accuracy, events that are breaches of Service Assurance standards and GRC.

Ikara makes it easy for customers and partners to automate Service Assurance and Service Delivery compliance with standards, whilst safely achieving governance over increasing levels of security and policy compliance.

On average, our customers see 30% reduction in digital service delivery costs after switching to Ikara.

Use Case: Automating Standards


Automating digital event correlation to domestic and international regulations, laws and service assurance standards, the Ikara platform provides unparalleled insights which rapidly and accurately classify which vendors pose data governance and service assurance threats.

Digital supply chain visualisation automatically spotlights vendors that are currently creating serious risks for your company based on published standards or service goals. Ikara’s links the event from the third party directly to the breached service standard, reducing dispute times and root cause establishment.

Feel more confident that you are managing risks at their source with direct correlation to contract and admissible evidence flows in realtime.

Partners quickly become “Vendors of Choice” to their customers as they use Ikara to remove digital friction, whilst cutting their operational costs to review and provide resolution.

Benefits of understand what good looks like.

  •  27001, NIST and various opt-in compliance standards such as The Essential 8 require multiple data sources to be monitored in order to dynamically automate attestation and compliance evidence.

  • Ikara Third Party vendor risk management ensures an independent analysis of compliance event data. Ikara allows customer and partners to ensure there is adequate separation of compliance reporting from the parties delivering the service and parties receiving the service. Effective Risk Management achieves the separation of “Church and State” for reporting. Attestation is independent and demonstrates due process.

  • Standards for Service Delivery are based on published industry standards and where no recognised international standard exists, the events metrics are the best practice/best in class performance standard that Ikara customers can achieve when quality standards are being met for application service delivery.

  • When you or your service partner isn’t meeting a standard, Ikara simplifies understanding why you aren’t meeting the standard. Ikara drives up to a 97% reduction in Mean time to Resolution for breached standards root cause.

  • Ikara has helped customers to significantly reduce their operating costs by tuning their infrastructure costs to service compliance standards, our clients can elect to turn off platforms that they don’t need to met a service assurance standard. Ikara can assist customers to achieve up to 30% reductions in infrastructure spend whilst achieving service standards for critical applications globally.

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