Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs – Drive Simplification

Save money and time by establishing quality standards and then alerting vendors on breaches.

Use Case: Supplier effectiveness

Ikara Service Standards detected degraded (IE non-compliant with CX standards) user experience in applications, correlated to detect non-compliant configurations for infrastructure by internal teams or a global network by a global service provider. Ikara correlated the relationship between these events and allowed the partner and customer to rapidly resolve the issue. Benefit: Improved User/Customer

Experience and ecosystem (Service Provider) adherence to service KPI standards.
Ikara Service Assurance reporting is underpinned by standards which leads to ICT service simplification which extends in operations to better experiences, better compliance and cost savings.
Our customers leverage service assurance templates which are the baselines for teaching Machine Learning and Ai what to look for.

Ikara’s ML and Ai capabilities allow our customers to build and deliver reusable digital capabilities at a lower cost. Using Ikara ML and Ai to produce real time analytics and cognitive intelligence, allows cloud-based services to be matured so that they are engineered to deliver repeatable and scaleable experiences which are directly linked to the metrics that guarantee business outcomes and capabilities. Ikara offers more than an availability or capacity planning analytic. Our data is the data of experience, compliance and supplier integration to your digital vision.

Ikara customers typically set service experience and compliance baselines experience and service guardrails, that become the baseline for working out how much capacity is required and at what time it is required, in order to reach minimum service standards. Saving guidance over multi year projects is in the order of 30% year on year.

By focussing on the business process that you need optimised such as creating a service standard for running SAP quarterly reports, IT can align their entire service stack and commercial arrangements to things that the business cares about.

Optimising business application experience and the operational costs associated with that means that all components of the service are optimised and monitored, independently of the users. You shouldn’t expect your users to call you at all with Ikara. Simply nominate the service standard for key transactions that you want to deliver and Ikara does the rest. Informing you of which service elements are under pressure or cannot meet the minimum service standards required to complete the transaction within the service standard time period.

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Benefits of simplifying your business strategy.

  • Security is driving an IT cultural shift towards a proactive reporting stance. When reporting is oriented to quality standards, vendor warrantys and service assurance thresholds, IT can move from being reactive, switching to predictive of looming customer experience and policy breaches.

  • Set service thresholds that allow you to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity to reduce capacity when you don’t need 100% of your network or infrastructure.

  • Establish which workflows are running slow in your organisation, costing you longer transaction times and lower productivity rates.

  • Measure the performance of new systems, applications and providers before you agree to enter into long term service relationship, where performance and cost relationships need to be made transparent.

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