Continuous Improvement – Optimise Resources

Develop sustainable competitive advantage by automating business processes and customer experiences.

Customer organisations must drive profits and sustainable shared social outcomes. This mode of business operations (doing more with less) is here to stay.

Rapid, social and environmental change globally is demanding that companies deliver growth responsibly by automating total experience and business processes. Achieving sustainable operations means knowing how to balance performance (customer experience and company productivity) with capacity and availability (costs). Most organisations have outsourced to suppliers, key parts of their product service chain. Bringing partners into strategic alignment with these goals demands accurate contractual alignment and operational insights minute by minute, 365 days per year.

Ikara helps customers and service partners to prioritorise optimisation activities and operational standardisation projects, so they can achieve world’s best practice service assurance standards and compliance with legislation whilst scientifically reducing service costs. (Opex)

Continuous Improvement demands better collaboration with customers, suppliers, and communities.

Use Case: Benchmark Baselines

Set service experience and compliance baseline. Eg all users can log into SAP Worldwide 24×365 in less than 10 seconds 100% of the time.

This metric allows you to find out where you cant achieve that standard and remediate the issue.

The metric allows you to prove where you have great service provider performance and alignment to service standards and where you have unacceptable variability.

The metric allows you to confirm which products help or hinder you in making service standards.

Setting a benchmark baseline allows you to protect the experience that you are delivering to the business and your personal reputation.

Benefits of collaboration with customers, suppliers, and communities.

  • Rank order remediation activities based on the impact to the business.

  • Measure / quantify the improvements being made incrementally and overall.

  • Demonstrate reductions in cost and capacity management whilst protecting compliance and customer experience.

  • Bring partners into a collaborative understanding of the quality of the service they are delivering, improving the health your extended service ecology.

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