Deliver world-class service


Ikara helps organisations to meet the demands of today’s marketplace by helping them to accurately match their performance goals with those of their partners and customers.

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Rank Risk Activities

Rank order the remediation activities based on the impact they will have on the business.

Track Progress

Keep track of the improvements and measure your performance based on overall business objectives

Protect customer experience

Demonstrate cost reduction while maintaining compliance and customer experience.

Performance Improvement

Bring service partners into a collaborative environment, to manage your service ecology.

How to improve your profits and sustainability with Ikara.

Save costs and grow responsibly

To be profitable, generate sustainable social and environmental outcomes, and meet evolving customer expectations, organisations must optimise business processes to deliver a seamless customer experience, whilst using less resources.

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Get the most out of your operations

Ikara helps customers and partners to identify their continuous improvement priorities, so they can operate at world’s best practice service assurance standards and comply with legal requirements.

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Build a better service delivery experience

With Ikara you can pinpoint which components in your business chain are underperforming and take the appropriate corrective actions..