Simplify your cloud services

Increase Efficiency
and Reduce Costs

Ikara Service Assurance reporting is based on standards that streamline ICT services and make them more efficient.

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Proactive Reporting

Using reporting standards, vendor warranties and audit metrics, IT can be proactive rather than reactive.

Reduce capacity

Set service thresholds that tell you when you don’t need 100% of your network or infrastructure.

Increase Productivity

Identify the workflows that are slowing your organisation down and reduce transaction times.

Evaluate Providers

Measure the performance of new systems, apps or providers before engaging in a long-term agreement.

We help you deliver an experience that is woven into your user’s life.

Improve services and control IT cost

Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help you to simplify your ICT services, which ultimately leads to better experiences and cost savings. We offer a variety of templates that are the baseline for creating reusable digital capabilities that can be used to train your ML and AI models.

Our ML and AI capabilities let you streamline cloud-based services so that they are engineered to deliver high-quality experiences, which can be further enhanced with real-time analytics.

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Drive action from partners and internal teams

Using standards to drive cohesive, timely efforts from partners and internal teams is a simple way to ensure that user experience is consistent across applications.

Ikara Service Standards detect problems, provide quick actionable fixes, and enable partners and internal IT teams to resolve network infrastructure or application problems quickly.

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Prioritise service, Save time and effort

By focusing on the business process, IT can increase levels of service for all users.