Infrastructure & Systems Transparency – Efficiency empowered by clear communication

Simplify service delivery with unique visuals into experiences, compliance and workflows.

Simplify your digital service delivery with holistic visibility that extends into monitoring experiences, compliance and workflows. Ikara benchmarks millions of transactions and events globally, allowing you and your partners to optimise networks and infrastructure so you can reduce operational costs and align performance to experience and compliance.

Ikara Service Assurance connects teams to service objectives and compliance goals across global service ecologies.

Ikara enables transparency empowered communication between teams and allows leaders to talk about business outcomes. Technically Ikara’s service insights are granular and specific allowing action to be taken across multi-cloud environments.

The Ikara platform provides one-click provisioning, linking source data from the operational tools that teams are already using to drive IT platforms today and from third party partner platforms. This reduces people change issues and provides a holistic view across operational on-premises and cloud environments.

All the insights you need—from a single source of truth that understands your partners contracted obligations and links events to product and service warrantys.

Use Case: Single Source of Truth

As organisations shift to a blend of cloud and on-premises platforms, 90% of enterprises rely on a mix of private and public clouds to deliver digital experiences. This transition often involves a complex relationship between applications that people use and the infrastructure that is required to manage it.

Added layering of complexity occurs when elements of the digital service catalogue are outsourced to third parties and the service relationships between elements are inaccurately mapped out and contracted to focus only on availability metrics.

Ikara’s cloud-ready digital workspace ensures a smooth operation. You can assure service experiences are being delivered to standards, and people remain positive about their experience of your digital platforms, all whilst significantly simplifying IT management and governance attestation.

Benefits of automating performance and service standards.

  • Set the Service Standard you need to achieve for compliance and customer experience goals to be reliably met. Automate notifications when standards-based delivery is not being archieved
  • Automatically detect which actor in the service chain is responsible for remediation of the compliance or service goal breaches
  • Publish events to service responsible parties. Notifications are a comprehensive list of data points of the breach of the standard including the scale, policy, contract clause and party obligations
  • See factors and obligations for performance/compliance inside your control and inside the control of partners and third parties that you have contracted
  • See how things are connected across your service ecology and systemise your service ecology, bringing partners into a deeper relationship with your organisation, unifying their performance/compliance data with your performance/compliance data.

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