Reduce digital service delivery costs

Service Standards

Ikara gives customers and partners a system of automated checks to ensure they adhere to stringent standards while safely achieving security and compliance.

Automate attestation

27001 and NIST require multiple data sources to dynamically automate attestation and compliance.

Independent analysis

Independent reporting keeps all parties separate, ensuring true compliance measures are taken.

Service Standards

Service delivery standards are a combination of published industry standards and best practices.

Identify root causes

Increases your understanding and drives up to a 97% reduction in Mean Time to Resolution for breaches.

Discover how to significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

Automate service delivery

Achieve proactive support and governance by surfacing only the events that are breaches of quality or standards. The Ikara platform allows teams to make better decisions with transparency. Using the platform, you can standardise across multiple lines of supply and operations to ensure all parties have the data that they need to create one unified operational team capability.

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Ikara offers scalable access to the infinite possibilities of data sources, allowing businesses to harness the power of their existing data to prevent security breaches whilst closing compliance gaps for governance reporting obligations.

From a single dashboard, you can access to your third-party data, wherever it lives. This helps you detect and respond to an array of events from current compliance initiatives.

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Automate Service Assurance and Compliance

By switching to Ikara, our customers have seen costs decrease by an average of 30% across their digital services.