Efficiency empowered by clear communication

Infrastructure and
Systems Transparency

Ikara simplifies digital service delivery by providing holistic visibility into services, including monitoring experiences, compliance, and workflows.

standards-based delivery

Set Service Standards you need to achieve for compliance and customer experience goals.

automate notifications

Automatically notify the responsible party for correcting compliance or service goal breaches.

Fulfil data protection law

Publish your breach notification policy to fulfil your contractual and legal obligations.

Full visability

Review all parties contracted factors and obligations that affect performance and compliance.

Visualise experiences and compliance to simplify digital service delivery.

Optimise Networks and Infrastructure

Ikara Service Assurance empowers network and IT operations to understand and improve the digital experience.

Data driven metrics optimise service delivery by reducing costs, improving performance and alignment to business objectives.

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Enable Transparent Communication

Ikara’s intelligent platform provides single source of truth insights, reduces change issues and provides a holistic view across operational on-premises and cloud environments.

Ikara provides an IT operations service insights platform that delivers operational intelligence and automates operational support services. The result is a unified view of key contract data and IT assets across on-premises and cloud environments.

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Improve servicing and ensure compliance

Know how the different systems or services in your service ecology fit together, and coordinate compliance activities across your ecosystem of partners.