Governance & Reporting – Simplified Technical Insights

Unify data sources across service ecologies for digital governance and operational business reporting.

Ikara simplifies insights into service delivery, digital experience and compliance supply chain. Data intelligence is linked directly to service obligations, goals and commitments made between teams, partners, supplier and businesses. Ikara Service Assurance produces greater transparency and traceability with real-time tracking, automation, streamlined performance and compliance management, faster transactions, and powerful business intelligence.

Ikara unifies data sources across service ecologies and is an enterprise-grade platform for digital experience and compliance. Ikara combines insight into service assurance standards compliance with security and accountability to IT and business services supply chains. Ikara connects all of the parties involved in service delivery to improve digital transaction quality and compliance in an integrated workflow, that transparently links partners to their goals and obligations in realtime.

Ikara’s customers enjoy complete control of their supply chains and are confident in project delivery as they optimise infrastructure and operations costs. Our clients manage the shift from reactive service delivery to proactive service delivery based on standards and that means happier, more secure customer relationships through transparency and predictability.

Service Contract Repository

Remove layers of manual interaction when there is a service goal being missed, partners and customers can securely share service policies/contracts and linked events between companies with simplified insights into cause and effect/root cause remediation. Ikara allows the secure sharing of event data with trusted parties to expedite remediation and compliance activities. A common view of performance and compliance between the customer and partners, improves time to resolve by thousands of percent and harmonises disparate teams and suppliers.


Securely collaborate and agree on operational service goals using your structured agreements with your customers and peers. Service Assurance is built on Standards Templates. Ikara guides technical and non-technical teams through an easy workflow to automate and maintain service standards adherence globally. Data and event integrity is achieved via an exhaustive and immutable audit history.
Remove phone calls and emails and other insecure channels of communication on Priority 1,2 and 3 service events. Ikara stores service events linked to contracted obligations in one secure platform. This removes searching for emails and other insecure channels. Store and report on partner compliance, backed by events as source evidence, in one system. When breaches occur, collaborate on transactions with peers and third parties, retaining all messages relating to a particular transaction or compliance goal, in one place.

Full Service Optics

Visualise your service delivery across the service elements that you directly control, with insight across the internet and into the cloud, globally. Maintain and securely provide visibility of service delivery for any business transaction with the ability to search for, track and nominate your applications, critical processes, and workflows, third party security risk, accept or reject performance and compliance events, view a quick overview of the Total Experience, Supplier Scorecard, Service Status and Customer Experience in both internal and externally delivered products.

Visualise entire Service Catalogue with overlayed supplier and contract standards compliance in realtime.
Nominate the Service Assurance standards that apply to your organisation and bring third parties into alignment with those service obligations in back to back monitoring.

Real time data on the completion of a digital compliance workflow or business experience.
Alerts are based on granular performance and compliance events.

Select critical event information and share with your peers and third parties, linked to gap data for service KPI and service quality standards.

Use Case: Comprehensive Reporting

Globally the future of critical supply chains success is characterised by an ability to predict problems and failures to meet service standards before they happen. Third party risk management and the immediacy of action taken, is linked directly to the integrity of the platform that is conducting the analysis of current events and service compliance.

Increased transparency directly improves the resilience of critical supply chains. Customer experience expectations increase every year and compliance with standards demands service optics to support improving service standards and cost optimisations.

As major societal upheavals drive imperatives such as remote working, reduced energy consumption, and perpetual vigilance towards security risks, Ikara is helping its customers to understand how services are connected , compliant and resilient.

Ikara connects customers, vendors and service providers in digital services, supply chains through shared event information, via a common standards and contract aware, digital platform.

Ikara’s platform helps the parties in digital service delivery, to virtually integrate their service operations processes such as application monitoring, publishing and accepting minimum service standards, security compliance, digital transaction times, automating compliance attestations, automating and reducing the cost of service delivery. Partners use the platform to streamline communication channels for service delivery and compliance with policies. Ikara platform provides all service delivery participants with security and certainty via a reliable, real-time single source of truth regarding current service standards being delivered.

Ikara Team Members

Benefits of automating performance and service standards.

  • Real-time collaboration with partners, links compliance events to contracts, service KPIs and service standards.  Communication and notifications are based on industry and application service standards.

  • Auditability is objective-driven, actual event source data. Events are specific to service standards rather than the opinion of the reviewer. Ikara improves objective diagnosis of compliance and performance. Ikara sunlight washes event data and links directly to service KPI commitments. This drives increased transparency and visibility across service ecologies and third parties

  • Ikara is automated and empowered by API connectors to the leading industry reporting platforms that partners and customers already use in their business.  Ikara integrates to source events internally and externally.  IE outside your direct control.

  • Ikara’s Supplier and internal team Balanced Scorecard reporting allow for teams to reach an agreement quickly due to event correlations with contract warranties.

  • Achieve situational awareness across all the digital transactions that run your business.  One platform that contains all information on service compliance and assurance in one platform.

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