Simplify insights in service delivery

Governance and
Business Reporting

Ikara unifies data sources across service ecologies and is an enterprise-grade platform for digital governance and operational business reporting.

Real-time collaboration

Link compliance events to contracts, reduce time-to-resolution, and inform KPIs and service standards.

better digital visibility

Visualise the quality and compliance of your service delivery to industry standards and best-in-class user experience.

Connect your data

Integrate with industry leading platforms to create complete business intelligence reports.

Accurate evaluations

Unique supplier reporting allows for quick and accurate contract performance evaluations.

Learn how to achieve situational awareness across your digital ecosystem.

Deliver measurable results, improve performance and help meet your obligations.

Ikara gives insights into service delivery, digital experience and compliance supply chains. The system is linked to service obligations, goals and commitments made between teams, partners, supplier and businesses.

Ikara Service Assurance gives you real-time tracking, automation, streamlined performance and compliance management, faster transactions, and powerful business intelligence.

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Share and monitor without privacy concerns

When a criteria, for example, a service level agreement, is not being met Ikara enables customers, partners and suppliers to share event data securely for improved understanding and accelerated remediation.

The system provides a common view of performance and compliance to improve time to resolve. As well as harmonising disparate teams and suppliers.

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Helps partners integrate their processes.

Know how to enable providers of digital services to work with you more effectively and streamline communication.