Compliance and Performance Standards – Risk Management

Accelerate service performance and standards conformance. 

Proof of data governance and regulatory compliance obligations are increasingly being imposed on boards and leadership teams by governments and customers. For the C Level, it’s critical that you can access accurate digital insights into (in most cases) a sprawling technology estate underpinned by a complex web service provider dependencies and procurement arrangements.

Societal changes are causing governments and customers around the world to demand increased organisational transparency and accountability. There’s mounting pressure on C Level leadership to locate and attest relevant governance and service compliance data at speed. Today, it’s common knowledge that consumer trust and brand equity is directly linked to the systems you have deployed. Assurance in this new world, is more than having a range of loosely cobbled together monitoring systems that people occasionally review if there is a problem reported by a user to a help desk.

To assure service quality and manage the vicarious risks that third parties can potentially introduce, requires live data insights into third party suppliers to independently assess their compliance to contracted obligations. Failing to protect customer experience or adequately protect against third party risks, holds damaging implications to customers, stakeholder and employee trust in your brand.

For an executive, the current Industry 4.0 transition represents a need for insights and governance into Total Business Experience and composability, relevant source data regarding the integration of supply chains and certainty over organisational obligations.

Ikara’s Service Assurance platform provides executives, responsible for standards and policy compliance, with the right data on current organisational business health, built around regulatory requirements and international service standards.

Ikara provides technical and non-technical operators with supplier and procurement warranty aware reporting, whilst delivering a programmatic view of obligations and compliance with standards. Ikara’s documentation and reporting demonstrates diligence and provides evidence of controls on scale.

Use Case: Intuitive Dashboards

Ikara customers gain standards and service compliance insights with intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting in real time. This means that they can ensure services are being delivered to recognised industry standards and can see at-a-glance service standards and compliance visibility into accountable parties, activities, issues, and performance and compliance at individual service owner / task levels. The dashboard analytics provide immediate visibility into problem areas that require prompt attention.

Service Orchestration

Provides a repeatable process for third-party diligence in which different teams collaborate to achieve, maintain, and defensibly document due diligence with third parties involved and internal teams involved in service delivery. Ikara’s Vendor compliance reporting allow for easy escalation with vendors that may not be aware of the failures to protect governance and service quality.

Ikara Team Members

Benefits of automating performance and service standards.

  • Non-technical executives are increasingly required to be in the detail of how services are being delivered to protect service quality and data standards compliance and assurance. Ikara delivers simplified and accurate detail that is a blend of commercial and technical insight.
  • Most organisations have sprawling technology estates, held together by internal and external teams. They are complex environments and often lack requisite monitoring that reduces operations and compliance risks. If there is monitoring, it is unlikely to be an automated framework and relies on manual processes. Ikara links monitoring to service standards and automates based on breaches of standards. Our clients have shifted from reactive to proactive posture for service quality and compliance.
  • Transparency with service provider partners brings external teams into a closer relationship with their clients and linking obligations in contract to service standards reduces double handling and confusion about obligations and responsibilities. Ikara links service contracts to technical delivery. our clients and partners use contracted commitments to protect each other and ensure clear communication and compliance happens by design.
  • Customers and partners often spend considerable time manually assessing the root cause of issues after they have been made aware of an issue from a customer or an auditor. Reactive responses to issues of customer experience and governance are increasingly seen by boards as risky modes of operations. Ikara allows customers and partners to collaborate on ecology risks inside of a common platform. this reduces the explaining time between the parties and the time it takes to establish the root cause. Monitoring proactively for breaches of policy and service assurance standards aligns service delivery and partners and its teams to the core organisational objectives.

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